History of the Coetzer Red Angus Stud


Coetzer Angus Stud are owned and managed by father (Pieter) and son (Hein). After generations of commercial farming, these Coetzer’s have established the Coetzer Angus Stud in 2000.

Most of our females were bought from the Free State Province, but have also acquired stud-females in the Eastern and Western Cape. Stud Bulls are bought all over South Africa and many genes originated in North America.

We recognize that we are farming/ managing grazing pastures and that our Angus Cattle are the benefit and profit that reward good field management. We are passionate about our stud and have a constant drive to improve our stud-herd genes and profitability.

Farming in South Africa was in previous years much diverse and many farming business has evolve into different ‘sciences’ of farming types. Our ‘sciences’ is the breeding of highly demanded genes, and put these on offer to various farmers, from our Stud animals on sale.


Pieter is married to Annetjie and are full-time managers of the Angus Stud. Their experience obtained in cattle farming over many past years, directly benefit and contributes to our Stud. Constant selection is managed by Pieter en Annetjie.

Hein is married to Trudie and have two daughters, Danél  and Annecke. Although Hein is employed as a Construction Project Manager and work outside of South Africa, he is passionate about cattle farming. Research is done by him in order to improve on the Stud.


Coetzer Angus Stud is located on the “jewel” of a farm called Pragtstuk. The farm is neighbouring Brandfort in the Free State Province. It is situated 5 kilometres to the east of the town.  The farm is known to be one of the most scenic and beautiful farms in the Brandfort district but more important, one of the best cattle farms in the area.

The farm is 1100 ha in size and contributes the best natural grazing available for cattle breeding. In addition to the natural grass pastures, there are 200 ha of well-established “smuts-finger” planted pastures that ensure even higher number of cattle to be farmed with.

Time has still beaten us in reaching our stud size of 150 fully grown Stud Cows, since we are constantly working our Stud by selecting the best Stud animals. Since we prioritize quality over quantity, we will achieve the number shortly. Cows calve from September to December. If they do not perform under our conditions, or are not Structurally Sound they are not used or sold for breeding, regardless of their EBV's.


Our Believes

We have always believed in the need for a well balanced breeding program, not chasing extremes in type or performance figures. Coetzer Angus has stamped it’s type of Bulls into the marketplace, with buyers knowing what to expect;

  • Quiet temperament.
  • Structural soundness.
  • Natural thickness.
  • Depth of body.
  • Field Hardened Bulls

A critical component for us is that we have been able to produce consistent lines of sale bulls that have the Coetzer type of cattle breed, but also have extremely impressive breed-plan figures.

Coetzer Angus stud, focused upon breeding bulls that are structurally sound and backed with breed leading EBVs, bulls that will lift the performance of the cow herds which they service, are moderate for birth but with good growth and carcase, producing calves that are strong for both EMA and marbling. We have never loosed focus on the traditional traits that the breed has been renowned for, functional, easy doing fertile with a good temperament.


Reliability and consistency in the quality production of bulls and females is a hallmark of the commercial benefit offered by Coetzer Angus stud. As a medium sized stud farm, we are in a position to offer personalised contact, service and assistance to our clients. We aim to have a clear picture and understanding of individual client’s needs and to have a strong awareness of the genetics within their herds. This enables us to give assistance and advice to our clients about the types of cattle and the bloodlines that might best suitable and to enhance their herds.

We have a vital interest in seeing how the bulls and females that we have sold are producing and breeding on for our clients. Our own broad genetic base, as evidenced by the sires in use and the female families upon which we have built our herd, puts us in a strong position to meet the diverse needs of our commercial clients. We are pleased to see the success that regular clients and commercial breeders have achieved, using our bulls. This success has been particularly evident in our local district sales.

Coetzer Angus is not standing still. It takes 3 years of planning to produce a bull or female of breeding age. That is why we have invested heavily in leading sires and stud females from all over South Africa and blood-lines from overseas.